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Facts & Figures

When was M&T Bank founded?

M&T Bank was founded in 1856. Read more.

Where is M&T Bank headquartered?

M&T Bank is headquartered in Buffalo, N.Y.

Who are the company's top executives?

Robert G. Wilmers is Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of M&T Bank.

Mark J. Czarnecki is President and Chief Operating Officer of M&T Bank.

Rene F. Jones is Vice Chariman and Chief Financial Officer of M&T Bank

Kevin J. Pearson is a Vice Chairman of M&T Bank. 

What is the company's ticker symbol?

The bank's symbol MTB trades on the New York Stock Exchange.

What are M&T Bank's financials?

Assets = $88.5 billion
Deposits = $68.7 billion
Loans and Leases = $64.1 billion
Net Income = $229 million
Equity Capital = $11.9 billion

(As of April 14, 2014)

How many branches and ATMs does M&T Bank currently have?

M&T Bank operates more than 700 retail and commercial branches and more than 1,500 ATMs in eight states, the District of Columbia, and Ontario, Canada.

What types of products and services does M&T Bank provide?

M&T Bank provides products and services related to Commercial Banking, Retail Banking, Business and Professional Banking, Investment Banking, and Mortgage Banking.

How many employees does M&T Bank have?

Total Employees = 15,976
Delaware = 1,781
Maryland = 2,690
New Jersey = 149
New York = 8,429
Pennsylvania = 1,977
Virginia = 234
Washington, D.C. = 85
West Virginia = 14

(As of September 17, 2013)

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